How To Choose A Bow And Arrow For Beginners

There are some important things to think about if you want to buy archery equipment. Archery is a sport of consistency. Setting our tools and techniques must be correct and the same in every shot for optimal results. How can this be achieved if we only borrow archery tools? Try buying one of the best crossbow for the money Absolute Survivalist.

Archery equipment is not cheap. We must carefully choose what we want to buy. Consider the things below as a reference when purchasing archery equipment.

1. Right or left-handed
I think this must be decided first. Most of the archers in the world are right archers. But it will be very difficult for those who are used to being left-handed. Because archery besides using hands, the eye also plays an important role because it is used for aiming. And just like hands, the eyes can also be left-handed. The term is eye dominance.

2. Type of bow
If this is almost entirely a matter of taste. There are many choices of bows: longbow, recurve, horse bow, compound, etc. All have advantages and disadvantages.

Regarding prices, Olympic / FITA recurve bow and compound bow are the most expensive. The starter kit can be just over $ 1000. Especially if you want all the best quality equipment, it could run out thousands of dollars. Well, for a low budget like me and most people who are just starting a hobby of archery, the type of bow below can be considered.

A. Standard bow
It is a type of recurve bow, but the general version. This type of bow can take part in various rounds of matches: National Round / Standard Bow, Recurve Round, and Barebow Round. The price for a 250 $ starter range is already quite complete, and can already be used for training (bows, arrows, finger tabs, arm guards, quivers).

B. Horse bow
As the name implies, this type of bow used to be widely used on horseback. Because of that, the bow is short, so it’s free to use it.

C. Traditional Bows
The material is wood and bamboo.

3. Bow length
Especially for “standard bow” and Olympic / FITA recurve there are certain bow lengths that will be adjusted to the archer’s body posture. Because posture will affect the length of the pull (draw length). This draw length will be the reference for choosing the right bow size for you. Horse bow and hunting bow types don’t need to follow the above benchmarks, because usually, the bow is short.

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